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GAL Sync with Powershell

If you’re looking for a Global Address List synchronisation solution for Exchange that simply uses Powershell, look no further than this excellent script from fellow MVP Carol Wapshere. http://www.wapshere.com/missmiis/a-galsync-powershell-script The script doesn’t leverage the DirSync control (and hence doesn’t use deltas), which means that it isn’t perhaps as efficient as some of the full-blown solutions… Read More »

Bulk Create Active Directory Contact Objects

If you’re creating contact objects in Active Directory the Exchange cmdlets New-MailContact, Set-MailContact and Set-Contact are usually sufficient.  On the other hand I haven’t found a way using these cmdlets to set all the attributes that I might need.  For example, the “description” attribute doesn’t appear to feature anywhere. Things have obviously changed with the… Read More »