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Blog is 10 years old

I got caught by surprise earlier today when I was looking at some of my older blog posts. It turns out my first entry was on the 10th March 2008. Happy 10th birthday Open a Socket! Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the years with comments, words of encouragement, and for keeping… Read More »

Where to find Microsoft File Transfer Manager

I’ve been caught out a couple of times when running Microsoft File Transfer Manager within a Terminal Services session by automatic timeouts.  This is frustrating in that it is not immediately obvious where to go to restart the suspended transfer. The File Transfer Manager executable (TransferMgr.exe) is located in the following folder: %SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files. … Read More »

Invalid Update Control CTF File AVG 8.0 Error on Vista

Since the 24th October I’d been getting the error “Invalid Update Control CTF File” when trying to update AVG 8.0 on my home PC.  I think I remember having this before and it went away after a few days, so I had been ignoring it until today. Anyway, I found two control files for AVG… Read More »

Where to find Scanpst on Vista

  Yes, I know PST files are BAD, but due to circumstances that would take too long to explain, I still use SMTP and POP3 with Outlook 2007 for my home email.  The other day I had a power outage that caused a corruption to one of my PST files.  I know that you can… Read More »

Forget the IPhone – meet the eyePhone!

  The much-hyped iPhone launched in New Zealand on Friday last week to muted enthusiasm.  While the Kiwi geek collective loves the technology, the pricing offered by Vodafone (the sole carrier offering the iPhone in NZ) leaves much to be desired.  Across the ditch in Australia iPhone packages are more attractive, with competition between Optus,… Read More »

MSN Just Junk?

Today I installed Outlook 2007 on a test machine and enabled the RSS defaults.  An hour or so later I noticed that the Junk Mail folder contained 60 items.  Curious as to what might be in there so quickly, I found it was RSS items from      Interesting that one Microsoft product considers… Read More »

What’s in a name?

If you’ve never watched Fox’s TV series ’24’, the name of this blog will mean little to you.  On the other hand if you have watched the series you will recognise that the term “open a socket” is CTU’s panacea for all ills.  Will Jack escape the building surrounded by bad guys?  Sure, all he… Read More »