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Microsoft 365 Roadmap

One of the hardest things to deal with when working with Microsoft’s cloud services is the avalanche of information published daily. What’s relevant and interesting compared to the chaff that is not meaningful for you? Microsoft employees refer to it as “drinking from the firehose”. Well, one of the most helpful sources I’ve come across… Read More »

How to extract a list of mailboxes from an Exchange mailbox migration batch

Actually, this is more of a question than answer – although I have an answer of sorts, albeit far from elegant. I’ve been scheduling some batch onboarding mailbox migrations from a hybrid environment with Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online.  The batch process is pretty straightforward, but I haven’t found an easy way to dump the… Read More »

EOP Accepted Domain silently modified

It seems that a couple of weeks ago my standalone Exchange Online Protection (EOP) configuration was changed without me being involved. Basically, it looks like my default Accepted Domain was changed from type “Internal Relay” to “Authoritative” without my knowledge or consent. The first I knew of this was when I noticed my on-premises mail… Read More »

SPF records and Exchange Online Protection

  You might come across a slight gotcha with SPF records if are using Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to provide protection for your on-premises mail environment and you don’t need to use EOP to scan your outbound (i.e. on-premises to Internet) messages. If this scenario is of interest to you, read on… You may be… Read More »