Monthly Archives: April 2009

Powershell script to filter events using an Xpath query

I have recently spent some time working with Xpath queries as part of Event Log filtering in Windows Server 2008.  It’s a great feature, but one limitation I found was that it doesn’t appear possible to use the starts-with() function when querying Event Logs with either the UI or Wevtutil.exe.  Here’s an example. Let’s say… Read More »

WS2008 R2 Active Directory Webcast

Laura Hunter and Brian Desmond will be doing a webcast discussing and demoing the new Active Directory features in Windows Server 2008 R2 as well as answering AD questions. They have a 90 minute slot and expect to spend ~45-60 minutes on R2 and the remainder taking questions on the presentation and AD in general.  They’d love to see you… Read More »

Schedule backups of your AD LDS instance using Dsdbutil [2]

In my last post, I provided a small batch file to support scheduled IFM dumps of an AD LDS instance.  Afterwards, I realised that batch files are sooo last century and decided to have a crack at the Powershell version.  I’m no Bwandon, but the script below seems to do the trick. # # Name: Create_IFM_Dump.ps1 #… Read More »

Schedule backups of your AD LDS instance using Dsdbutil

Microsoft Technet describes how to back up an AD LDS instance using either Windows Server Backup or Dsdbutil.exe.  Interestingly, the Dsdbutil method leverages the Install From Media (IFM) feature to perform the backup.  Here’s a small batch file that you can use to schedule the backup using the Task Scheduler. @echo off rd /s c:\backup\adlds\Instance1\ /q %windir%\system32\dsdbutil.exe… Read More »

Using Xpath queries to filter events in Windows Server 2008

If you’ve spent some time with Vista or Windows Server 2008 you’ll have noticed that there are some fundamental changes to the event viewer.  One of the changes is in the way in which event logs can be filtered.  In addition to the point-and-click filter selection you can now also enter an xpath query by… Read More »