Powershell to check Active Directory for Exchange version

By | July 29, 2014

When you install a new version of Exchange or apply a Cumulative Update certain AD attributes are updated to reflect the change.  The updates are made in three different directory partitions (also known as naming contexts): Schema, Configuration and Domain.  The following Microsoft TechNet article is a good reference for the different versions and the corresponding attribute values.


You can check the values manually….or you could do it the easy way with Powershell.  Here’s a Powershell sample to give you values across the three partitions (assumes a single domain forest):


# Exchange Schema Version
$sc = (Get-ADRootDSE).SchemaNamingContext
$ob = "CN=ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt," + $sc
(Get-ADObject $ob -pr rangeUpper).rangeUpper

# Exchange Object Version (forest)
$cc = (Get-ADRootDSE).ConfigurationNamingContext
$fl = "(objectClass=msExchOrganizationContainer)"
(Get-ADObject -LDAPFilter $fl -SearchBase $cc -pr objectVersion).objectVersion

# Exchange Object Version (domain) - assumes single domain forest
$dc = (Get-ADRootDSE).DefaultNamingContext
$ob = "CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects," + $dc
(Get-ADObject $ob -pr objectVersion).objectVersion

The output will looking something similar to screenshot shown below (showing the values for Exchange Server 2013 CU5):


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