TechEd NZ and Aus – to be or not to Be?

By | August 19, 2008


Here’s a cautionary tale.  In a rash moment I volunteered to present a session at TechEd in Auckland in early September.  Be careful what you wish for….I’ve been confirmed as a speaker for a break-out session on Windows Server 2008 Active Directory.  The title is Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Deep Dive and you can catch it on Wednesday 3rd September at 12.10pm.  Or you could simply take an early lunch 🙂

I remember the last time I spoke at TechEd.  I woke up at 5am on the morning of my session and thought about gnawing my leg off in an attempt to avoid having to stand up and talk in front of a few hundred people.  In the end it was all ok and I managed to make it through the presentation without looking like a complete idiot (or so my friends tell me…).

I won’t be presenting a session at TechEd Australia in Sydney.  Instead I will be speaking at what they call a MVP Theatre Session.  I’m kind of hoping the Theatre part refers to the venue, rather than a call upon my limited thespian skills.  Anyway, my theatre session is on Administrator Role Separation in Windows Server 2008 at 1pm on Friday 5th September.  Be there or be…at lunch.

If you’re reading this and will be attending either of the TechEd events, come along an say hi (even if you decide to prioritise lunch ahead of listening to my session).

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