Stuck without a script Editor? Try MSE7.EXE

By | April 30, 2008


I sometimes have to work in environments where I have to use the customer’s PC instead of my laptop.  This can be quite frustrating as my laptop is quite heavily customised and has all the tools that I need.  One thing I find problematic is having to work with scripts (especially VBScript) without a decent script editor.  Notepad doesn’t really cut the mustard. 🙂

If the PC I am assigned to has Office installed I usually fire up the Microsoft Script Editor (MSE7.EXE) when working with scripts.  This underutilised editor has a sufficiently rich set of features to make working with VBScript a comfortable experience.

The Microsoft Script Editor is normally installed by default with Office 2007, but is not reachable directly from the Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office menu.  Instead, you can usually find it by searching for MSE7.EXE on the local drives.  On the machine I am working on now, it is installed in the following location:

%programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\MSE7.EXE



5 thoughts on “Stuck without a script Editor? Try MSE7.EXE

  1. Peter

    Thank You for posting this. It is hard to locate this darn file if you did not know where it was located. I was just about to search for MSE?.exe when I found your information. This is useful for quick work with VBS scripts.

  2. Tony Murray

    Be aware that when running a 64bit version of Vista (or Windows Server 2008), the path will be:

    %programfiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\MSE7.EXE


  3. carole

    I am trying to edit my Outlook signature to include an HTML link to my fund raising site i have the instructions to opy and pastethe hTMl code into my signature and the picture of the badge will appear. However this needs MS Script Editor and although I followed the file path givn here I still cannot fid Script Editor. I am running Office 2007 with Vista and have spent God knows how many hours on this! any ideas? Thanks a million

  4. Tony Post author

    Could you not create the HTML signature using MS Word? Word gives you option to “Save as” in HTML format.


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